Professional Water Extraction Services in Syracuse, New York!

While it certainly is not the most common occurrence, however, experiencing a flood or torrential overabundance of water throughout one’s property is a definite cause for concern under the most ideal of conditions. Whether it’s the result of inclement weather, a faulty/bursted water line, or an inopportune leak of a plumbing system, it can wreak havoc on many aspects of the property that has fallen victim to such superfluous saturation. Having made that mention, we here at Advanced Concepts Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning offer an effective solution for flooding, pooling water, and unwanted overflow through our water extraction services.

Common Issues Water Extraction Can Address

Leaving pooled water or stagnant flooding can cause extreme damage to many aspects of an owner’s property:

  • Framework Erosion - An overabundance of water & saturation that coalesces around a property can become extremely erosive to its framework.

  • Structural Rot - Water has the real potential to rot the structural integrity of a property if left unchecked or under-addressed.

  • Foundational Degeneration - It’s essential to combat the degeneration of a property’s foundation caused by flooding & water oversaturation.

  • Flooring Damage - Having to replace a property’s flooring system because of a flood or pooling water can be an absolute nightmare.

  • Grading Deterioration - One of the more expensive and potentially hazardous results of flooding & pooling water is the deterioration of the land grading surrounding a property.

Get In Touch For Water Extraction Services

Please feel free to get in touch with our on-staff water extraction technicians if you are seeking redress for flooding, water pooling, or stagnant water that is affecting your particular property. We offer immediate emergency response times for water extraction and apply decades of water extraction experience to correct any flooding issues both punctually & resoundingly.

Don't Let This Happen To Your Property!

Tile & Grout cleaning brushes
Tile & Grout cleaning brushes

COVID-19 Sanitization Services in New York

Factoring in the ever-evolving concern pertaining to COVID-19 and its inherent risks to the public at large, we’ve determined that it’s inarguably important for us as a company to offer our considerable cleaning & sanitization knowledge to our fellow residents. We are able to do so in many ways, including effective cleaning methods as well as in the form of COVID-19 sanitization & cleaning coverage. Please continue reading about how we’re pushing back against the intrinsic threat of COVID-19 and helping our fellow men and women move forward in these trying times of tribulations.

The Importance of Proper Sanitization Against COVID-19

Taking into account the widespread pandemic involving COVID-19 and the existential threat that it poses to even the most mundane aspects of life, it’s undeniably crucial to introduce an effective sanitization strategy to combat any unnecessary exposure. Whether it’s stocking up on proven cleaning products to maintain surface cleanliness or airing on the side of caution and depending on an experienced company to apply proper sanitization techniques; the need for proactivity & prevention is absolutely paramount.

How We Can Help Against COVID-19

The only thing that we here at Advanced Concepts Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning are interested in spreading is health, safety, and knowledge regarding not just COVID-19 but also in raising awareness on how to effectively combat against its potential for proliferation. As such, we are proud to extend our noteworthy cleaning, sanitization, & disinfecting expertise in an ongoing effort to help our local communities in whatever relevant capacity is deemed prudent in regards to COVID-19.

  • Selective COVID-19 Sanitization
  • Routine COVID-19 Sanitization
  • Daily COVID-19 Sanitization
  • Weekly COVID-19 Sanitization
  • Monthly COVID-19 Sanitization
  • Seasonal COVID-19 Sanitization
  • Emergency COVID-19 Sanitization




Deodorizing & Disinfecting Services in New York

When it comes to a property’s appeal and allure, many people immediately associate those attributes with something visually aesthetic; especially when it pertains to a home, office, or place of business. However, it is undoubtedly important to ensure the allure & appeal of a property is recognized through the aromatics as well. Furthermore, a home or office that is properly deodorized against invasive or offensive scents also lends to the idea of the property being properly cleaned & disinfected too. With that being said, our company (Advanced Concepts Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning) offers extensive property coverage regarding deodorizing & disinfecting services - for both residential and commercially scaled properties!

Where We're Effective in Regards To Deodorizing & Disinfecting

It’s essential to cater a cleaning regiment focused on disinfecting & deodorizing a home or office in a very property-specific manner to ensure any odorous interlopers are well and fully addressed. In light of this, we’ve adopted a very adaptable, yet actionable, approach towards rendering our various deodorizing & disinfecting services on behalf of our valued clients.

  • Carpet Deodorizing
  • Carpet Disinfecting
  • Rug Deodorizing
  • Rug Disinfecting
  • Upholstery Deodorizing
  • Upholstery Disinfecting
  • Specialty Deodorizing
  • Specialty Disinfecting
Tile & Grout cleaning brushes